Welcome to the Association of Anglican Deacons in Canada's website. In our pages is information, resources and support for deacaons and those who may be considering or in the discernment process.

* NEW LOGO The AADC are looking for help deciding on a new logo. Check out the samples by clicking here and let us know your opinion.

* BROCHURE-The AADC has designed a new brochure as a resources to help explain the diaconate as well as what the AADC has to offer. Download your copy here.

Every three years the AADC sponsor a national confernce. This is a three day event. We have explore a number of themes, share in fellowship and worship. Together, our time builds community among the country's deacons, personal growth and development, and spiritual renewal.

Our next conference will be taking place in 2020.

“Discrepancy in the practice and understanding of the diaconate among dioceses led the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Committee to form the Task Force on the Diaconate in 2014.  After a close study of existing resources, the task force released The Iona Report, which identifies knowledge and skill areas that can be adapted to local conditions while providing consistent guidelines in how deacons are selected, used,
and understood across the Anglican Church of Canada.”Click HERE to learn more about the Iona Report, and how the various diocese have responded.