THe AADC have been reviewing their mandate and how the serve the deacons of the nation. We have been looking at new ways of communicating, providing resources and support. With the new directions as part of our communication strategy we decided it was time for a new look. Now we nee your help to decide which new logo best represents the AADC. To let us know which one you like best please write us at


In logo one we have the cross drapped in a deacon's stole on a background of maple leaves.

The LEAVES: represent Canada as it is our national tree.

The CROSS: was created in this shape to show our interconnectedness: with each other, the community and the church. It is colored in this manner because we as deacons are bringing the light into the world.

The DEACON STOLE: represents our vocation


In logo two we have three figures which are coming out of a book on a background of multicolored maple leaves

The LEAVES: represent Canada as it is our national tree. The are multicolored to represent the diversity of our nation and as deacons.

The People: THe people are deacons in various capasities. They are in these positions to represent reaching out to the world

THe BOOK: is the bible. The bible can ground us in our faith. Also the "people" are coming out of the book to represent bringing Christ's message into the world.

logo1 logo2