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Discrepancy in the practice and understanding of the diaconate among dioceses led the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Committee to form the Task Force on the Diaconate in 2014.  After a close study of existing resources, the task force released The Iona Report, which identifies knowledge and skill areas that can be adapted to local conditions while providing consistent guidelines in how deacons are selected, used,
and understood across the Anglican Church of Canada.

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One part of the motion that went through along with receiving this report was that diocese were to give feedback to the report's content. Many areas have lead workshops, discussion groups and other methods of process to review the contents of the Iona Report and give feedback. With the support of Faith Worship and Ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada, eight people from all across Canada came to the Convent of the Sister’s of St John in Toronto  July 6-8, 2017. (Canon Deacon Nancy Ford, Victoria-President, Revd Sharon Salomons, Vancouver, Deacon Susan Page, Regina-AADC Past President, Maylanne Maybee, Winnipeg, Deacon Tim Spannaus, Detroit, Arch Kyn Barker, Toronto, Deacon Jessica Bickford, Montreal, Gordon Young, Halifax) The purpose of the gather was to collaborate so to provide many concrete examples of what it could look like when a deacon is demonstrating the competency. Acknowledging that context varies, these are not what a deacon MUST do, but be rather MIGHT do. Also the group worked on several clarifications and expansions of specific competencies.

This is a living and evolving document. Your participation will continue to improve it. 


Process for Group Assessment using IONA Competencies - Diocese of Montreal

This is a process for diocese to help foster feedback about the Iona Report. Along with this information the process, allows for diocese to assess what support (both on as an individual and college of deacons) they need for a given competency. This process also helped foster a sense of empowerment in finding a mutal language of suport and expectation as well as help initiate a process to define the role of the college of deacons for the Diocese of Montreal

To reflect on the competency a grid was provided (see document_. Along with this deacons were asked to rank the level of priority for the competency.

For additional questions please contact Deacon Jessica Bickford


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Instructional Programming for Deacons - Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Developed from a study of the IONA Report by Deacons Committee of Nova Scotia and PEI.
-A deep and complete analysis of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for person to demonstrate each competency. “…those who read and study its process can use the material as a resource in creating their own instructional program.”
Please contact: Dr. Gordon Young, Lay Facilitator, for permission to use any parts of the document.


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Association of Episcopal Deacons

In part, the AED adapted selections from IONA Report, for their own process and competencies report. Further links to resources.



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Self and Group Assessment of Competencies Diocese of Toronto

Archdeacon Kyn Barker Coordinator of Deacons

  • On your won, on a copy of the IONA competencies, for the stage appropriate to you- (selection, ordination, lifelong) assess yourself as 1 (just starting), 2,3 or 4 (thoroughly demonstrating) each competency.
  • In small groups of similar stage, compare and contrast your responses, looking for general patterns.

Upon what sets of competencies should the Community focus our learning and training.


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